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  1. I like the blending on the second one, it looks like part of a crystal chalice up close. The blue creature in the clouds is also very nice.
  2. Good things here, I like the animated eye color changes.
  3. Egg shaped or not~this is a really good image. It evokes/invokes an emotional aura in its' viewing. The suggestions about re-sizing would probably have made the moon appear more "circular", but I think that is more personal taste in the rendering of the images. (quite often the moon does appear oblong or elongated). As for formats, perhaps when you flatten your final work from the layers, try your "save as" in file type .png~ I've found that the quality of various blending modes and effects maintains itself in this format better than .jpg or .gif Just a thought.
  4. I enjoyed all your works. I especially liked the colors in the first one which you used cut-outs for your sig. They are dynamic, bold and very pleasing. "Aiming for quality" really caught my eye, I like the way you did the hand.
  5. Helen~thank you so much! I experiment and learn something new with pdn almost everyday.
  6. Always enjoy your tutorials! Here's my attempts. Added extra layer and blend mode, then tile image. Then 3d and wet floor on second.
  7. Yes, I've had the same difficulty when down-sizeing an image with stars, it can be annoying. I've had some work out ok by playing with the brightness/contrast right after the noise render which seems to help. I've also found that adding a small touch of glitter helps the depth of field for distance. A small work around but sometimes helpful.
  8. Really good work! My favorite would be the orange flare thing~i like the misty/wave movements. I also like "Fantasium", very appealing sense of movement.
  9. Very enjoyable gallery! I like Orgins and Dragon Re-born, perhaps due to my own feelings about the cosmos. I visited your DA gallery for the full views and in answer to your question on Orgins, yes, the stars were not very visible as you thought. Maybe a little more brightness/contrast on the starfield? I also took a quick walk thru the rest of your gallery. A lot of really good work!
  10. Thank you Ghost-Dreamer. Of late, I've been working with combining several effects along with blending modes on every layer. Somewhat simular to many of the good tutorials here, sort of blending many things together into one. Warm Blessings!
  11. LJXD~thank you! It is one of my personal favorites as well.
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