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  1. yeah I saw that little thread, pretty amusing. Thanks for the welcome
  2. Love the color and roughness of the letters in contrast to the background. 9/10.
  3. Granted but it flies away and never returns. I wish I could relive the last year.
  4. I really like it, the colors are great, only the text isn't very noticeable when you first look at the signature. 9/10
  5. I like it, it looks cool but it doesn't stand out to me much, 8/10
  6. Granted, but you'll be forced to move out of the country. I wish Í could stay wide awake for at least 6 more hours
  7. I refuse to call it art just yet :wink: Just something I made that's more than highlighting the eyes, it's far from great or even good, but I'm proud of it as it is my first. Any advice is always welcome. What I started out with What I ended up with My siggy
  8. I heard she was under investigation for abusing her power as governor of Alaska? Something to do with her sister and ex-brother in law? I'm not sure where I got that from, I'll have to look it up. I think McCain could have done a better job picking a VP. He talks about Obama being in experienced, she doesn't have that much experience either. I wouldn't want her to be president if McCain ended up being president and -God forbid- anything happened to him. And I giggle whenever anyone says "track record" now as Track is one of her kids names.
  9. It's alright, I think the colors are a bit too bright though. 6/10
  10. Granted, but the people you love will be sick constantly. I wish I wasn't such a newbie
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