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  1. Thanks Ash - this plug in sounds promising... I am at work now, but will try it later and post again. Joe
  2. Hello there I have been working on an image where a couple of dark skinned people in a group of four fade into the background. If I lighten the shot, the image loses it's intesity and I want to retain the fact that it is night-time. Can anyone advise what else I can do to highlight the group without washing out the picture, please? Joe
  3. Thanks Ego - I will soon be all set - It is good to know this board is here Joe
  4. Thanks everyone - all your replies makes sense to me. Now that I have discovered how to erase wrinkles at pixel level, I was having a field day with my old camera's images. I just can't get that precision with my new one. But I understand now that less pixels is not necessarily a bad thing. One last question - I am thinking of buying a Veho neg scanner to upload my 35mm negs as it has good reviews, but I don't want to make another costly mistake. Does anyone know if pixel editing is feasable with the Veho? Once again, any help is much appreciated...
  5. Hello everyone I think I am missing something - it is much, much easier to edit pixels on my old camera's images than from my new camera, although my new camera has 7.1 megapixels and the old one has only 3.3. My old camera is an Olympus C3000z; Image Resolution 275 x 625 pixels. My new camera is an Olympus mu 700; Image Resolution 3072 x 2304 pixels. I thought the new camera's higher resolution would make for even sharper images at pixel level. If anyone is able to enlighten me, I would appreciate it. Joe