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  1. I'd say 6/10 I really like the colors but it is lacking something Not quite sure.. rate:
  2. I am a bit late But Happy Birthday..and many more !
  3. Just came across paint.net and have been working with it for a few weeks.. I have really appreciated all of the great tutorials and plug ins posted here. All of you have done some great work and I just wanted to share a few of my peices and I will be adding more soon. All made entirely with paint.net Also most of the pictures that i use are from google. i have no idea what site to cred.. Haystak sig Georgia sig Another Georgia sig Fireburst Sig Graphic made for a friend Absolutely Fabulous Koi Avatar Marilyn Avatar Fireburst Avatar newest sig. thnx tut Sage Francis sig Sage Avatar used for background of sage sig. I've seen a lot of really great gaming sigs in other user's galleries, so I was inspired to make one for my fav. game. It was made using renders of mold and blood stock photos. Alright that one wasn't the greatest so I checked our TophatSlash's tutorial and it gave me a few pointers .. So here the latest gaming sig. Another Gaming Sig. Joker Sig.. ,used a c4d render in the background Joker Av. AFI Sig. 04 Mustang GT Sig Mustang Av. Just a simple Sig. Another comic Siggy Using some tips from the Zexion tut. My Current Wallpaper entirely PDN Just a pretty lil siggy
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