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  1. you have some really cool pieces here ,I really like the blue giraffe but then i have an affinity for anything with the graffiti style.. can't wait to see what you come up with next !!
  2. Here are my lite brite Nike vandals ..Maybe i didn't choose the best image to use but I couldn't resist.. !! this is a pretty cool effect thnks for the tutorial
  3. before after i had to adjust the brightness and contrast a bit differently bc it was really dark.. but the end result looks really nice. thxs for the tutorial
  4. The new one is really awesome.. oh yeah your sig isn't working ne more
  5. Nice sigs I really like the sims one
  6. Here is my go at it.. great tutorial and i will be trying this one agian because it didn't quite turn out the way i wanted... But here is my first try made into a simple sig.
  7. These all really good cheesepuff .. i really like the fire effects that you've done here i like to work a lot with pictures as well
  8. These are really great they look so realistic .. Nice work
  9. I rendered a square and then inverted it,painted it white .Then I used the glass blocks plug in and played around with the settings to come up with it.. I like it too because it's different that just a simple solid frame.. Sorry i don't remember the exact settings
  10. Here is something that made using a fractal from Chaoscope and paint.net.. let me know what you think also one of my very first fractals with chaoscope.
  11. I have started playing around with the Chaoscope and just wanted to add some of my renders of fractals using Chaoscope and paint.net. This is the first one and i don't really have a name for it yet. If anyone thinks of a good one please let me know. As always your comments are appreciated and I will add some more soon so check back Rasta Sig. using a fractal and a lot of pdn , I'm not a pothead or nething I swear.. It just sorta ended up looking like some marijuana plants so i added the little rasta guys.
  12. Some great work .. i will have to check out your tut. .. i really like the texture on the ocean port peice
  13. thnx i accually made this one just messing around and added the exploding planet in the background Don't know it you can see it.. but i think it made a nice effect. It works as my sig for now until i make something that i like better. Thnx for stopping by
  14. Here's my try at it.. i just used the lasso to select the colored area. added a bit odf gaussian blur to make it stand out.. Inverted the selection and adjusted it to color. So only one layer needed. It turned out ok I guess.. The image is from google. and it is refugees from Darfur
  15. Very nice work on all of these and I love your attention to detail..I'd have to say that the sunken ship one is my favorite ,it's really amazing
  16. Very nice I really like the fourth on Your hard work paid off on it because it looks really cool
  17. You have some really awesome sig.s here blooper but I really like this one of the joker. it is kinda erie you know , like you don't want him to turn around :shock:
  18. 8/10 Very Cool It's kinda hard to read your name and a frame would look nice , but other than that i like it a lot
  19. My name came from one of my fav. DJ Paul Oakenfold Songs.. "Starry Eyed Surprise" It just makes me feel good whenever i listen to it "Im seeing stars, I can't believe my eyes I'm seeing stars Oh my starry eyed surprise, Sundown to sunrise, Dance all night, We gonna dance all night, Dance all night to this DJ."
  20. oh oh I am running late Happy Birthday and I hope that you had a great one!!
  21. aww they are really good especially with ranch dressing for dipping.. But my favorite would have to be grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I could eat them all day long. I first tried them in Memphis ,Tenn b/c they were on the menu at most diners there ( supposedly Elvis's favorite too) and I've been hooked ever since
  22. Really Lovely , I think that this is my fav. but it was hard to decide ..
  23. Very nice artwork , OMA .. I really love the colorful abstract designs and your textures.
  24. Amazing work Sozo :o I really like the POD sig , very creative design .. Keep up the good work and thnxs for stopping by to see my work ..
  25. Thanks so much for coming by and commenting I will be sure to check out your gallery's as well.
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