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  1. I have updated with some new stuff and I think that I am making progress, but i'm addicted to making siggies.. Will try to work on something else soon.. :?

    I have been preoccupied lately trying to figure out Cinema 4D to make some sweet renders to work with on paint.net

    Also considering creating an account Devient Art But not to sure yet.. Well i have had a lot of visits to my Gallery but not to many comments .. So feel free to coment and give me some constructive critism or tips. :) :idea:

  2. You have some really lovely work here Janett , and I esspecially love the children playing on the flowers.. It is so whimsical and fun!! Your abstracts are really amazing as well , they almost remind me of beautiful patchwork quilts and oriental rugs.. Well keep it up and i will look foward to seeing your latest masterpeices :)

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