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  1. Were you referring to, Toolbar>Tool Menu>Tool Choice>Choose defaults, because that's all I could find on the web page you suggested?
  2. I like to use arrows to show people more clearly in screen shots.
  3. Every time I paste a picture in and cut out what I want from it, at pressing 'Ctrl" + n' for new page I have to set the image diameters. Like in MS Paint, I'd rather open a large blank window and work from there.
  4. What does CellMaker look like with an image, please attach a screenshot of the image in with CellMaker turned on? Grid, from the fuel menu, is much too small to see unless zoomed in quite a bit!
  5. Thanks Myrrdin, I have seen it by zooming in! Though this method works well, is there a plugin for a grid that is like grid paper or so mean in 3200%?
  6. Possibly it's my copy of the program or version 3.3 has a bug. This is in the view menu and my 'Rulers' do work.
  7. Tlink to the ruler is broken. I did find a grid plugin at: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4879 Amongst many more here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=21592 Just some advice, It's best to download Net Framework 3.0 Distribution Package here: ... laylang=en
  8. Please provide an example, I especially want a way to measure pictures such as in Gimp with rulers all around the picture frame:,+soft+filter,+glow+feature+and+text+included.+This+pretty+easy+to+do+for+a+first+timer,+although+the+computer+froze+up+when+I+tried+to+save+the+file.&figLetter=C&filename=00002067-c.jpg&graphicType=jpg&id=00002067&