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  1. I was...really depressed when I made this...I took it from the XKCD forums...:? 2nd excuse: I was...drunk. Lock is fine with me.
  2. Ugh...I'm trying to set up an Apache server using XAMPP for the purpose of using netjukebox, and...I get an sql error...wtf am I doing wrong? T_T Gawd they make teh interwebz too complicated.
  3. I made that piece a while back... :oops: If I remember correctly... [*:5npexwwu]New 1050x1680 image [*:5npexwwu]random lines plugin [*:5npexwwu]duplicate x4 [*:5npexwwu]invert on first [*:5npexwwu]mirrored into quarters on 2nd layer [*:5npexwwu]lumography on 3rd [*:5npexwwu]blur on...3rd layer? [*:5npexwwu]messed around with blend modes [*:5npexwwu]fragment and gaussian 2nd [*:5npexwwu]polar inversion a couple times in there [*:5npexwwu]layer with blurred gradient bars Pretty much...like i said, damn, I should have made a tut... :evil: Yeah, new canvas, and it just...flowed. It's the background on my portrait-oriented second monitor.
  4. *sigh* What happened to me? I used be really good, and now I just...*guh* Anyways, PDNnoob... I like it. I like it, except for the fact that it really doesn't have any depth...what you could always try, no matter how little a difference it makes, it to get the layer the text is on, duplicate it, and gaussian blur it till it looks a bit more feathered...it makes it stand out a bit. See? All in all, 8/10. Nice.
  5. That's...totally amazing. :shock: The wispy things above & below the text...are they two motion blurs? Totally awesome, and...damn, you're an /amazing/ photographer. +∞/−∞
  6. Nice, and I always love sigs that aren't rectangular...XD Mine, text...is it allowed? :?
  7. He pretty much dissappeared just as I joined the forums, his last visit was Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:37 pm and I joined Wed Jul 02, 2008 so I didn't get to know him much Aww. Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:45 pm
  8. On a limewire pro torrent, which I swear I did not touch*
  9. Not very long, but I usually screw around with my pictures for an hour or two after I say "I'm done." My best pieces, however, take around 10-20 minutes tops: Takes Heart=10 minutes Hidden Content: Decay=15 minutes Hidden Content: I love Decay, because it's the only piece I made from SCRATCH, no stock, renders, anything! ^_^
  10. Dear Pandora Visitor, We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S. We will continue to work diligently to realize the vision of a truly global Pandora, but for the time being we are required to restrict its use. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative. >_> proxy = alternative. Oh well, Australia is better than the US in every other way. Like good schools. Lucky brat. xD Seriously, I would give anything to live over there...:?
  11. You've introduced me to godPandora. I LOVE you.
  12. I'm no vegetarian, so that question is probably best not left to me to answer...
  13. I'm currently rockin' a dv9500, Hidden Content: On a glass corner desk, Hidden Content: I'm modding this into my laptop: (The black one) Hidden Content: Razer Mamba mouse: Hidden Content: Wacom Bamboo (Medium) Hidden Content: I'm happy with my setup. ^_^ I also got Fences and Adobe Master Collection...though I still use PDN more than PS.
  14. I'm like...terrified. OINKOINK They aren't calling it swine flu anymore... Huh. SoCal sux. They took out all of the water fountains at my school so as to not spread the flu.
  15. thanks, David. That really helped clear my mind a bit. I'll be sure to remember that, don't worry... Thanks guys, lots, and I look forward to my trip this fall. ^_^
  16. I won't have the money until the end of August. Okay, and Ash...thanks. Now.
  17. *cough* I know she's real...I talk to her on the phone and on MSN, on webcam. I'm not doing this as so to meet the love of my life, I'm just doing it to meet a friend, and also have an awesome vacation. Also:
  18. I can now say I have been the first to reply to a topic made by the almighty forumer.com.
  19. IT ISN'T A JOKE! But if everyone thinks it is...go.I'm just asking for advice, you know. But I guess that I'll go this fall. Thanks.
  20. I met her on deviantart, actually. She's a photographer, a very talented one I think. As I said, I don't think that this is anymore than a friendship. I just want to meet her and her friends As for a month of school, meh...I do well enough in school that I can do it.
  21. Hey BoltBait, pyro. *coughcough*Grunge heart tut*cough*
  22. Wow. :shock: Harken to the words of wisdom from D.A. Thank you. That really spoke to me. :shock: I would rofl if he goes there and it's a 50 year old guy.. I would also feel a it sorry for the guy (the guy who *went* there, not the 50 year old guy, I'm not that mean.)... I would probably also die laughing. No offense, just make sure you know she really exists.. That'd really suck if you go there and she's some botnet thing... But seriously, Have fun on your trip that costs 40x more than I'd spend on a girl. Haha..funny...:? Nah, I know she exists. I've actually talked to her every day on webcam for 4 months...so...I doubt she doesn't exist. As David said...yeah..she's pretty much me. Her mind is mine. She's beautiful and seems...just perfect. :shock: I will take my mum. I think I'll go with pyro's advice of going in business or economy...I just thought that with a 18-19 hour long flight...it might be worth it in the long run. :? Not as a love interest...I think.
  23. A large inheritance...so...the general consensus is no?
  24. I am serious...2 first class tickets...24,900 apiece...what should I do here? I'd be staying there for a month...what should I do...?
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