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  1. Everyday...I just tell them I use PDN, because that's what I do use 99% of the time....I'm used to the UI, that's all. XD
  2. Everyday...I just tell them I use PDN, because that's what I do use 99% of the time....I'm used to the UI, that's all. XD
  3. Yo, happy birthday Minoeman! Hope it's a good one too... What kind of tablet, by the way? :o
  4. Since you were the first person I ever actually talked to on here...happy b-day bro! Hope it was a good one!
  5. Will someone help me here and tell me if this is for real or not? 50 Mbps internet for $60.00 a month?
  6. Nice, dunno what's goin on with the splatter on the left side though... :? I'll edit it out, thanks.
  7. Ack, yeah, I use keygens sometimes...as for codecs, VLC ftw!
  8. ^ Is awesomely awesome...strats ROCK! < Is in 8th too! v Knows at least one person in Australia.
  9. ^ unknown (I hope?) < Is depressed because he has to go to summer school...I'm smart, in GATE, in 2 AP classes...grawr. v Is in...the ninth grade?
  10. Lawl, next year I'm going to be SOOOOO screwed. Grade nine, correct?
  11. Yay, so I'm loving RC1, but I had a hell of a hard time setting thatthing up... [*:sbh35t27]Downloaded RC1. [*:sbh35t27]Extracted the files with WinRAR. [*:sbh35t27]Formatted an 8gig USB drive in NTFS. [*:sbh35t27]Copied extracted ISO files onto the USB. [*:sbh35t27]Booted from the USB; installed the RC on a new HDD. [*:sbh35t27]Lost product key. [*:sbh35t27]Repeat from beginning with a new RC1 ISO. [*:sbh35t27]Installed with the product key. [*:sbh35t27]Messed around with the included themes; unlocked the regional themes. [*:sbh35t27]I apparently could not download ANYTHING with Internet Explorer. [*:sbh35t27]Ran Firefox from the other hard drive. [*:sbh35t27]Could not set firefox as my default browser; but I could download through it. [*:sbh35t27]Downloaded a new copy of firefox. [*:sbh35t27]Could not install firefox. "INSTALLER ERROR" [*:sbh35t27]Turned off UAC, was able to make firefox the default browser. [*:sbh35t27] *waits for more to happen* I'm just bad at this.... -.-
  12. So do they make all-over print shorts? I'd be best at that...with some of my textures. If I could simplify them a bit, I'd probably have an okay chance with this. ^_^
  13. wow dude, I think that second one is better than my heart is! >_> Very nice, good luck in the contest! ^_^
  14. The world won't end...I just think that something especially significant will happen metaphysically on that date; whether it be an advancement in the current plateau of human knowledge, or us discovering if the chicken or the egg came first. Meh, sorry...
  15. <3 Alesana-Where Myth Fades to Legend; Seduction
  16. Rewritten. ZOMG. I'm sure that it's 100% correct now. Please keep on with it!
  17. I need a new portable, high-capacity HD for my laptop media, which will end up totaling about 1 TB. Discuss and recommend? Please? I at leat need something that can handle being moved a tiny bit in use without something screwing up...
  18. Done, molded the topic to reflect what you guys have suggested. XD I just looked here again...
  19. Nice! ^^ I would suggest to everyone, watch the video...I think I screwed up in the text a bit...><" I'll rewrite it tomorrow, it's no problem. Everyone has done it right so far, so...don't worry! ^^
  20. I can do one better: White chocolate chip key lime cheesecake. *drool* It's like a party in your mouth.
  21. It's just so...clean and awesome! ^_^ 10/10 (Very nice work...) Mine, made from scratch, no renders, no stock, just a blank canvas... \
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