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  1. Again, looks nice, wish I could make one that good...9/10
  2. Hmm, I'm getting FiOS in a few days, so I'll post the results from that when I get it.
  3. I like it, a little cluttered, but it looks nice 8.9/10
  4. I LOVE every song on that album except for *maybe*Resistance. All of it's freakin' amazing.
  5. Too big! My pic, I'll post the original when I get my camera back from a friend. (click for full-size)
  6. I was just asking so I know where not to move. Haha, it's a really nice little town, 9th grade campus is the worst thing in the city, that's all. xD I love it here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yucaipa,_California
  7. Other than gangs, none of these issues affect you unless you choose to let them. (I mean "you" in the sense of the proverbial-you, not any specific "you.") But LSD at school? I salute anyone that can pull that off without getting caught... My mom heard about the stuff and decided it was better for me to be homeschooled. I really wouldn't do any drugs...cannabis maybe, if it was legalized and I was old enough so..:?
  8. Yucaipa, California. Oh and believe me, I'm fine. Sorry if I might have led you to believe that I was like that because of my surroundings, but I'm perfectly normal and not associated with any gangs. XD
  9. I got homeschooled for the following reasons: At my ninth grade campus: Hidden Content: [*:2q939g55]5 couples caught having sex in the bathrooms at lunch. [*:2q939g55]Cocaine in the bathrooms. [*:2q939g55]Weed in the bathrooms. [*:2q939g55]Lots of people dealing. [*:2q939g55]Gangs. [*:2q939g55]A few kids were actually doing LSD. They got caught for that quick, but still.
  10. Assuming you're 14/15, much worse than that is going on... And I kind of wish I was a part of it.
  11. ^ not really. < birthday is tomorrow v will give me a present
  12. What is with that chair the person to the left of you is sitting on?? BANANACHAIR!
  13. Could be better...pleaseplaseplease do some tutorials....it'll help shameless self-promotion ftw also, no more orange text please IT BURNS MY EYES
  14. Cool0, I'm really loving photography so far too I'm probably going to get a Nikon D90 soon too, and I'm going to hawaii next month(november) so that'll be great for some nice pictures.
  15. Lots of people have reasons to abhor it. For example, my dad died when I was 7 of lung cancer caused by smoking.
  16. ^ How about them fried artichokes? < has to write 3 essays and 5 chapters of math in one day v will give me the answers?
  17. So whose are we critiquing? If no one's, can I post my own, or start anew with mine?
  18. Home schooling is pretty [bad]. There's no structure at all, so at times it can be harder to get work done than at regular school.
  19. Hmmm....6 or 7, depending on how you count it. Kirsten Cole>New York City>School of Visual Arts>Computer Art>Adobe Photoshop>Image Editing>Paint.net.
  20. moar updates. Getting into photography now not *that* many abstracts in a while xD Hidden Content:
  21. Nice, I really like it! 9.7/10 (the edges get soft too quickly from the center point imo)
  22. Very nice, good render, good blending...contrast could be increased a bit, though. 8.9/10 No stocks, no renders in mine.
  23. Dang, long time no update... -spin- xx Hidden Content: xx
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