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  1. There is smudge, just download the plugin packs
  2. Break-Three Days Grace F*** it up, suck it up-I don't know which band
  3. You're not allowed in my house... :shock:
  4. Since when do PDN plugins not count as PDN?
  5. Brushes = not 100% PDN Ummm....how's that work? For the first one, I just used some basic effects and lines. For the second one, I used some stock and used CustomMiniBrushes for the splatters. If brushes aren't PDN, what's
  6. It's not 100% PDN, but a lot of the work was done in it.
  7. It's definitely winter here then. I LOVE it though, seriously. Grey skies, wet air...yumm.
  8. Welcome, Morgan. Have fun on the forums, just ask if you need help with anything! :wink:
  9. Yes, the first one is from my old tut, which got buried... Both are 100% pdn, as is my sig except for the render.
  10. Someone Who Cares - Three Days Grace off Life Starts Now
  11. A couple wallpapers I've made: Horizontal: Vertical: (can be turned horizontal, click for full size)
  12. I found out about paint.net after...uhm... I honestly don't know...I've been using since 12, seriously since 13. I'm pretty good at it right now, imo. I'm addicted.
  13. Gratz, gamerworld! I just got FiOS today, it's like...want a 2GB file? Here you go.
  14. WOO NEW INTERNET!! I got FiOS today: Up from 120ms ping, and 2.5 up/0.50 down.
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