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  1. I have no clue why, but seriously, whenever I move my wrist, *crackcrackcrackcrack*... Is this bad at 13? ┐('~`;)┌
  2. Guh I hate to post the same pic, but...this is a wallpaper that I made for my portrait orientation second monitor...hop you likes! ^^ Too big to show normally, please click: Hidden Content: Please tell me if you like them ><
  3. Hidden Content: 100% PDN, took 3 layers and 10 minutes....turned out great imho
  4. 9.8/10...that is almost completely perfect, though the displace could have been sharpened at the edges a little more. Yes, I iz pickeh D: Mhmm, looks down there VVVVVVVVVVVVVV
  5. Thanks. ^^ I'm looking to make some more of these in the future...do you think it's too basic, or do you think I can do better?
  6. Wo...W..WOW. O_O In 2 days, that is pretty damn good. Very nice work^^ If you could look at my art as well, I would be very happy ^^ (its the thread below this one xD)
  7. Hey, my name is yougoboom...(gotta change it! ><) I'm 13 years old and have been using paint.net seriously for about a year. I would like to think my art is good, but...dunno If anyone is curious about my art, I could direct you here: http://juraiko1324.deviantart.com/ Thanks! ^^
  8. Mine, dual monitor, one portrait, made both of the wallpapers using paint.net WARNING: HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE PICTURE... Hidden Content:
  9. Hee, abra! xD 8/10 for the idea and execution. Soooo...mine now? xD (Not stolen! I made this for another forum originally, and my name is DEATH DEFYING... D:)
  10. Heya there! I'm kind of new to PDN...kind of. I've been using it seriously for about the past half-year, and I'm trying at the moment to get started on the path to being a graphic designer...I know, My art might not be the best, but I try... >< Abstract is my favorite, and as a result most of my pieces are abstract. I try to make a piece or two at least once a week. Comments are appreciated! ^^ I made a tutorial! -How to make a multiple picture, linking signature. Video tutorial for grunge heart piece: Newest pieces for a category are up high. Photography: xx Abstract: xx Hidden Content: -spin- xx Click on these for full-size: -X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X- Signature(s): -X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X- Signatures that aren't mine but I edited in the "Improve the sig above yours" thread in Overflow: -X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X-x-X- I hope you guys like all of these.
  11. This is really cool...doing it right now
  12. :AddNoise: Is it possible for someone to create a burn tool plugin? I know the reason I use paint.net is for a replacement for photoshop, but burn is really what I need....I mean, smudge was made, burn couldn't be that much harder could it? :AddNoise:
  13. petey,you really need to work on yours...it doesnt have to be complicatex just a little bit more....comprehensible... 1/10 for the originality,3.5/10 for the effort
  14. ou get a hamster but it tuns out i's mutaed and i bites you so you die
  15. I wish that i was in mexico eating a taco and being chased by chihuahuas in a mexican circus... beat THAT
  16. my stomach melts and then when i eat i explode all over you
  17. The idea of this thread is to rate the user above's signature on a 1-10 scale, as you saw I did to Rasengan. If you would like input on the pictures you create I encourage you to create a (single) pictorium thread to show your stuff. Also, keep from using too many smilies, i.e. more than one or two. I would rate your sig a 6/10 or so. Browse the tutorial forum to learn to things and hone your Paint.NET ability. erm...really sorry rasengan, 9/10. sorry bout that mister mod sounding person *erhem* :? :?
  18. nice sigrasengan105...did you use any plugins? Anyone like mine? it was my first try and i did from scratch soooooo.....its probably not too good
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