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  1. ..A pig is wearing a monkey greased up like a waffle in october. You are who you say you are because...
  2. ^ "14) Avatar size requirements: They must not be wider than 120 pixels, nor taller than 160 pixels. 15) Signature size requirements: The combined size of all images in your signature must not be wider than 500px, nor taller than 150px. There is no specific limit as to the number of lines of text permitted in signatures, as we understand that text can render differently in different browsers, but if you have text in addition to an image of the maximum 150px height, please keep it down to two lines. Ideally, text and images in your signature should be around a 200px combined maximum height." < Wants to know wtf is wrong with evee's bro. :shock: V Is as old as I am, give or take one year.
  3. @Gamer: http://forums.darklegacycomics.com/ . I didn't go offtopic that much Sadly, the admin deleted all of my posts >< My username is ÐEņH ÐEFYING.
  4. ...you'd have fifty cents. Art is to Philosophy as FORTRAN is to...
  5. ^ Right. 169 because it's the 7th Pell number. < Ran into barbed wire today. >< V Thinks I'm very strange.
  6. MissingNO. Checkerboard or Latticed laces?
  7. ^ Nope. < Is eating crickets. V Will get ball-shotted by a 10 year old tomorrow.
  8. Heh...on another forum, I got to 1500 posts in 2 weeks. :shock:
  9. I like it better! I actually think that turned out very well. Nicely done! ^^ 9.2/10
  10. 4 new layers, glow, lomography, and some other shizz.
  11. CoD Modern Warfare. Brown or white eggs?
  12. Granted. But Chuck Norris finds out he's not the best at something, and goes pdn n yo' azz. I wish for them to bring back colored ketchup. Brown ketchup FTW! xD
  13. Ah, thanks David...I see. *sigh*...Guess I'll have to do some extra work. Any good tablets bigger than a couple inches and don't cost terrible amounts of cash? xD
  14. No, no David...I mean to use the touch pad on my laptop as a tablet...and I don't have 50$ at the moment to shell out.
  15. To be honest, it really looks sort of rough. Also, I really don't think the joker font works with that >< I would recommend making one that flows better, has a more united scheme, and looks a bit smoother. Maybe try reading up on some of those old legacy tuts, eh? Anyways, no hard feelings, but I really think you can do better (especially considering your avatar. ^^) so, I give it a 3.9/10 =X
  16. *sigh*...I made a GIF with 300 frames right, well...I loaded them into the GIF maker, and IT BROKE THE PICTURES D:
  17. I like it, but avvies just cut out from a sig are kind of a turn off for me xD 7.5/10
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