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  1. This OS discussion is driving me crazy, I think I'll just create my own in a few years. I won't get any viruses, because nobody would create a virus for one man, so no firewall or virus scanner and all that. And if I'm not satisfied with it, I won't have to call the company.

    Good luck with that. You would have to use some sort of base kernel, unless you're extremely good at coding, right? Linux has anywhere from 863 to 1,000 different viruses and malware...

  2. Creative Paint, aka Visual Paint, is a rip-off way back since the times of 2.70.

    It's a renamed, contains couple dozen plugins, has a obnoxious sound effect system and a splash screen.

    So was PDN open-source back then, or what? How did he get the code? :? Or did he just spend a lot of time building it to look the exact same...which would confuse me a lot.

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