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  1. We're just being courteous. Could we please just leave it at that?
  2. Damn it...that's horrible. How old was he...?
  3. He let everyone use it in remembrance of code_ember.
  4. Great job on that, tHs. Looks great, I could never compare... :?
  5. Ah, I see. Freaking caps lock day yesterday RUINED MY BRAIN. :evil:
  6. Good luck with that. You would have to use some sort of base kernel, unless you're extremely good at coding, right? Linux has anywhere from 863 to 1,000 different viruses and malware...
  7. My favorite word is lacerate. I have no idea why. :twisted: I'll add you dood!
  8. Yea. I even ordered a clown. That's $75 down the drain. Clowns are only 75$?! *goes to costco*
  9. I don't know anyone on this forum in person...though I'd like to know some of you, I'm quite sure that you would be awesome.
  10. Thank you all for your compliments, I really appreciate it.
  11. I'm just kind of like...there's too many buttons.
  12. I don't get that program at all, but I want to. No sleep + 6 cups of coffee = wowifeelawesome
  13. So was PDN open-source back then, or what? How did he get the code? :? Or did he just spend a lot of time building it to look the exact same...which would confuse me a lot.
  14. Yeah, it's weird. It's only there when I'm in the pictorium, too. :S
  15. Is this intentional or is there something wrong with my browser?
  16. Rendered in Apophysis....heavily edited in PDN (Both I did)
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