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  1. Hey Pyro, where'd you learn to code all of this stuff? I want to do C#, it's just to hard to memorize... :?
  2. Wow, awesome. I have a friend and she writes some awesome poetry :O I like them! Hope you get good marks
  3. So, you want to cut out the backround or incorporate it into the existing sig? I'm sorry, I don't really get what you're asking... :?
  4. Wah. I waited for the girl scout cookies, and my mum ate all of 'em without telling me.
  5. Me like. the render looks very nice and detailed in that one. I like the way you displaced and zoomed in on the render. 9.7/10. ^^
  6. Colbert is better, imo. PDN, it's a bit more versatile Powdered Sugar or Raw Sugar?
  7. Pepsi...Coke=>< PDN or PS? (be honest :shock: )
  8. Target, Walmart feels cheap =X I guess they only have Fry' here in the CA Um...Dr.Pepper or Mr.Pibb?
  9. Well, you're a girl and Shiek is Zelda, right? Um...Granted, but when they get it right, they explode. :shock: I wish for a taco with lime! :shock:
  10. Haha! YES! You don't see pixel art that much nowadays. ;3 I love it! It looks very professional.
  11. :shock: Um...Iraq. =/ Best Buy or Fry's?
  12. ^ No... I saw you were a girl from your DA xD < Is eating Sugar in the Raw. :3 V Will give me 10 dollars o.o
  13. ...take them quick. I the world were an oyster...
  14. Granted but your knowledge makes you omnipotent, and everyone teams up to destroy you. I wish that I could remember the name of that game I used to play on the old apple II...
  15. ...they banned computers? Then we would... (I thought you were a girl from your DA, that's why I said they're xD)
  16. This would be great! Guess that request wasn't a waste of time
  17. Um...Yeah, nice stuff. ^^^^What the heck?^^^
  18. Mm...the scan lines are always nice, and I like the idea. The text is a bit hard to read though. :? RATE BOTH: (Yea, meknows it's not perfect, it was my first attempt at a sig )
  19. Gah, I knowwwwwwww...I'e been so uninspired lately though, I have no ideas! D:
  20. NIce! I give it a 8.4 though, as the edges are all...trippeh. O.o
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