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  1. Thank you for the update. ...and a (very :oops: ) belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  2. Ego Eram Reputo / Rick Brewster Gentlemen: I held off posting a thank you for awhile because I felt that having "Rick's Red Name" (see... it works) showing up in the Last Post column might draw more attention to what I consider to be a valuable addition to everyone's file collection. That said... It has now been a full weekend since my original post and to hold off any longer could possibly be misconstrued as ingratitude for the assistance I received from both of you. So without further ado... Thank You! ...back to the shadows I go... PBN
  3. First off... I realize that this post may garner me some harsh rebukes and possibly even calls for my ostracism, however, I'm willing to weather the verbal slings and arrows because, quite frankly... I'm Googled Out, Google Headed and Bug-Googly eyed. :shock: I am aware that "This is NOT a tech support forum" (Rick Brewster), and the list of helpful sites to visit is most encompassing (BoltBait) but I beg your indulgence as my question goes to the very heart of Paint.Net... which is to say, more specifically the .NET Framework itself. To put it simply... I want to create a .Net Archive Disc, to have for my files (and use in an impending Clean Install that I'm not really looking forward to). I know exactly where the files are... I'm just not sure exactly of their order... I have been all over the web (hence my state of Googleness) and found conflicting opinions regarding which versions you do or do not need because the next version does or does not include all previously released material. If anyone is able to shed some light on this for me (such as in the form of a simple list) you have my deepest thanks. PBN
  4. Happy New Year (ok so I'm a little behind the times) Dear Racoon55: I hardly ever post on these forums prefering to lurk in the shadows, working my way through tutorials or just blindly leaping into uncharted territory (uncharted at least for me). I must confess to be having a blast ... and agree with jake2k that throwing in the towel at this early stage may not be your best course of action. Having said that ... and all seriousness aside now ... my warped sense of humor (and possibly skewed view of the world in general) just won't let me pass by without commenting on what you perceive to be a stumbling block... 1st - If (by your own admission) you are not searching through the forums... how do you know you're posting a repeat question? You may very well be the first one... Ask Away! 2nd - If you do mistakenly post a repeat question... will someone show up at your door and lay a beating on you with a large all natural hair paint brush dipped in a refreshingly cool shade of pastel mint green enamel... probably not... Ask Away! The worst that could happen is someone will post a reply razzing you about being to lazy to look for yourself... but chances are they'll include a link pointing you in the right direction... Ask Away! Any new software requires some getting used to and your time spent figuring this piece out will not have been wasted. Once again, Happy New Year... and all the best to everyone here in 2009... back to the shadows I go... PBN
  5. Myrddin: Thank you for the response, was able to achieve the desired result. PBN
  6. Hi Everyone, ...having fun, ...learning stuff, ...hit a snag, ...read the faq, ...did some searches, ...still confused, ...might be dense. ...made an account, ...made an avatar, ...made a signature, ...made mistakes, ...made a mess, ...might be dense. Now that we know each other better... I am sorry if I overlooked something blatantly obvious. Is there some way to lock a Linear Gradient at a vertical 90 degree angle? I am using it to fade to black on the left and right edges of an image, but, as I move into the picture the angle changes due to human interaction. Thank you, PBN
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