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  1. I have not downloaded paint but have a question. Do I need to download some type of software to create what I need? I found a map image I want to put on my webpage but when I looked at the source infomation on "their" webpage to create my own map I do not know how. This is the info that I want to "change" to make it appear on my webpage and I do not have a website address because I am still creating my page "meaning I don't have a website address" and I am not familar with changing or replacing the because I have tried to leave this info "out see below" and the map image will not appear on my page. So how can I make a map image appear on my page "without" the websites address on it. This is at the beginning of the image and again I tried to take that portion out and it would not display the image. *(The rest of the infomation is the maps html's and I did not type here it would be too long ) My original folder name is "merchandising.html" Someone suggested I create an additional folder"with "everything copied from my original folder" to the new folder and I called it "image1.html" and this is how I tried to place a tag in my "first folder" like this: " taking the website address out but it did not work. Do I need to create an additional folder? I also tried to create a folder that was a gif folder like this: " and that did not work to. Do I need software or can I take something out or am I making an error. Thanks sunrise
  2. I just recently took a class for developing web pages and want to create my own image of the united states map with clickable states to access information. Would paint.net work? if so, how do I begin? Is this a difficult task to do? Thanks sunrise
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