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  1. Maybe because I don't have Visual Studio ? I just wrote the code in notepad then copy-pasted it in the Code Lab Plug In (directly into Paint.NET). Nothing more involved. Be sure I really don't want to bother anybody, just trying to get help to transform a raw prototype into something polished / finished so everybody can use it. I have the feeling the learning curve of understanding / working with VS, installing templates, understanding wich part of the files to change, edit, add, how all the blocks should work together seems to me as it will take a long time... (time I've problem to find...) Anyway, having some help on the GUI / DLL compilation is not a condition required to publish the code, I'll publish it anyway. Another question: could such a plugin be of any interest ? Maybe another (better) one already exists ? Regards, Emmanuel
  2. Hi all, I've just made my very own "Hello World" code for Paint.NET . It's a program I developed using Code Lab 1.2. Mainly, calling the code transform a selection like this: into this: Zoomed detail: Features: - Can "fade" pixel's alpha channel and/or color to a given target alpha value and/or target color; - Selectable "fade length" (i.e. border width); - Selectable rounded corner radius (may be 0); - "fading" is not necessarily linear (can range from sinus-like -> linear -> cosinus-like) So, what is my call ? I'd like to share the code I wrote in order to find somebody who's willing to implement the Effect GUI and compile the DLL for us all :-) Anybody interested ? Regards, Emmanuel "Manette" Jacobs