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  1. New Halloween sigs! useing images from google. Aout 20% PDN:
  2. awsome, and yep i am looking for a tablet as well. Havnt found any yet. Though amazon has a few good ones atm.
  3. - thanks, glad you like em. I was inspired by a halloween advert while playing poker earlier. Thought i would mix and match hehe
  4. no problem - i just wish i could create stuff like that! lol
  5. Your right.....I just upload em and post em. Bah, no harm done though anyway heres some stuff that i ahve been working on yesterday and today. Its all 100% PDN + plugins (though i guess even with plugins its still 100% PDN right?) The only exception is the witch on the witch poker chip. I got that from a free clip art site.
  6. i have no idea what you talking...... hehehe fixed it
  7. great stuff! love the space ones, the 360 controller too. keep it up =MA=
  8. wow some nice stuff recently. love your new texture Glad you decided to stick around!
  9. Ohh i like this! with a few tweaks it could be applied to "beasts" - i tend to sketch dragons and what not, think i am going to experiment with this one
  10. Hey heres some recent stuff i have been working on: i have one or too more to upload, will share them when ready
  11. intresting - i am as well looking to get a tablet, so is it my understanding that the when the new paint.net comes out i will be unable to use a tablet with it?
  12. Thanks for the kind comments guys! I have now organised my gallery with sub headins and hide tags
  13. hey there, I saw this video: and was blown away by it. The guy uses a tablet ( which i mal ooking at getting myself) and photoshop. BUT we all know how far painet.net has come, and i am wondering are there any plugins out there that add similar brushes used? He seems to use a sort of sketch brush, a water colour type brush as well ( is it brushes or effects :S) Anyway, i am sorry if theres a topic like this already, or if something like this exists ( i did a search and nothing that came up seemed relavant.) =MA=
  14. Oohhh Dents - i have started to learn to use dents as well. First time i used it was to make a comet. Nice job Sokagirl =MA=
  15. Thank You Spacescapes are awsome, so i they have kinda become my "thing". I am flllowing any and all tutorials to do with spacescapes, planets, stars ect... so if anyone knows of any feel free to point to them - chances are i may have them already but then again someone might point to one i have missed I have to say that the Paint.net forum has been really helpful adn useful. I cant believe that i managed to learn a paint programme in such a short ammount of time. It makes me look at photoshop and think "why - why on earth did someone create something thats near impossible to use unless you have a degree from the planet krypton on the use of airbrushes and a manual the size of 7 bibles" Anyway, heres some recent stuff: (messing around trying new techniques):
  16. Thank you Heres some more i have done, not as good as the others but best to not let them go to waste: Celtic Deer: Dark Matter:
  17. - i used this tutorial, from a forum sig: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=22438 enjoy, =MA=
  18. Awsome - thanks for them ini tut, think i will try it out. In the mean time heres another planer i have done:
  19. That thoughts signature is awsome *drool* - please can you make a tutorial on how to make anything remotly similar to that. Just the bright bars on either side with the picture looking magnified underneath, and the way you wrote "thoughts". i can never get text to look like that.
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