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  1. you know i actually want to but my comp messed up after i made that just a week or so after i uploaded it so i lost the origanal so i can't go and edit it and trust me i have wanted to but it sucks to lose every file on your comp oh well the picture is very nice 9/10 but i dont like the light at the top its a lil bright and looks like its covering something up
  2. 8/10 i like how detailed it looks but the image looks like it goes from slightly blury to edgy from one side to the other i just dont like the drastic change though regardless i think it is much better then mine please be gentle
  3. It is not that I wait for it to stop but that I can't do any thing while it is flickering but close it. I never had this problem on the old version. As for adding the real-time brush loading feature I would say thats pretty awesome but I am not sure if that will alleviate the problem I have been having.
  4. I installed 5.1 as soon as I down loaded it but I seem to hve a similar problem to aeonix but only when i use more than 4 brushes. You now the brush selection bar will flicker then pdn closes. I am not sure what the problem is.
  5. I only blured by 1 and I messed with the glow but it doesn't make it any better only worse.
  6. This is a great tut and its pretty cool but I am having trouble getting more coor in the effect without making the top layer somewhat transparent but it boes not quite give the desired look I meen I am pretty new to pdn but it just does not seem like it should be that hard. anyway here is my attempt at it and it was very fun I thought this makes jumprope seem somewhat cool.
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