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  1. No. i Just deleted the program folder, but when i try deleting it on add/remove programs it says. : it says the same thing as if i tried installing it
  2. I took Niiika cause my nick name every where is nika x) and i dont want to change it soon....
  3. Hi. I collect Nail Polish. i have i think 35 different colors
  4. I Tried deleting paint.net so i can redownload it so my plugins will work but then this message appearead when i tried downloading it. Can some one help me please?
  5. Okaii'e. Here i go:: i need help because i downloaded plugins for the first time but i unblocked them and i also put the .dll under effects but its not working . i when on all the submenus ( effects, and ...etc..) and i cant find a trace of those plugins. PLugin installed :: madjikpack, pyrochilds lugins, edharvey effects and custom brushes. and none of them worked please tell me what am i doing wrong.
  6. Well this is what i did: I downloaded it, extracted it on my desktop it had a installer (?) and i double Clicked on it and rn the program and then i whent on paint and nothing had changed about anything. i also checked on the plugin errors but there was none.. Sorry if my english is horrible.
  7. Actually i Had it Closed and I Did Read it Over 3 times, but it still doesnt work.. But thank You Anywayz
  8. Okay. Im a Newbie to Paint and i Installed Plugins, Madjikpak setup.. and theres nothing that changed about my effects in paint.net. Can someone tell me what am i Doing wrong? :?:
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