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  1. Take a look at this video.It is done in photoshop, but i'm sure it could be done in Paint.net ? there,s an Ironman and Dark night video aswell.
  2. Wether the plane took off or not you wouldn't get me on it.
  3. old-scouse


    Here's my attempt. i made this sunset following Ash's tutorial. Then i made this.
  4. :oops: i meant the series with Micheal C Hall of course.
  5. Hello all. I collect Beatles records. My prized possesion is a copy of Abbey road that has a misalgned Apple on the back of the cover and doesn't mention the track "Her Majesty" on the centre.
  6. Hi all. I was wondering what people think of the TV series Dexter? it's into it's second series/season here in the UK. Personally i think it's brilliant, the writing is superb, the actors and acting is superb, well what more can i say it's superb, and it get's better with each episode.
  7. rtargo wrote. Thank you very much rtargo20, you made my day. I'm no professional but i think it shows what can be done using Paint.net.
  8. Thank you very much Max Power i do understand now . I feel such an idiot :oops: . I did this after i posted the previous message, i've used images i made from tutorials, so thanks to all the people who's tutorials i used. Hope you like it, i'm pleased with it for a first attempt.
  9. old-scouse


    I'm new to the forum and PDN and i'm amazed at your work Ash.I hope to with plenty of practice i can create something like your work one day.
  10. Hi all. having the same problem as rtargo20. I made this cube. . and decided to have a go at rotating it using unfreez to animate it,so i saved it as a Gif. But when i use shape 3D to rotate it this is what happens I've tried everything but to no avail. :?
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