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  1. thanks.... she's gone though i miss her so i thought it would be nice to make a cool pic of her.
  2. instead of making it 1000x200 i made it 500x100 i believe and then just followed to tut, messing with the water and such to make it look good.
  3. I did it i just made it a little smaller and messed around.
  4. oh i get it Set the Blending Mode of the top layer to Color Burn. when you go to properties for layers theres a mode called color burn instead of normal.
  5. I love the tut but i keep trying to get the rainbow and i set the condition hue at the settings you have and nothing happened then i played with it a bit and i still get no color, i think i am doing something wrong. EDIT: oooh i seemed to have figured it out i was on inner glow instead of rainbow. i might have to play with the glow a bit because it seems rather bright.
  6. Wow thank you so much for this tut, i always wondered how to get brushes in to paint.net lol... one thing though and I will sound n00bish. I cant seem to get my abrviewer to find the paintbrushes i downloaded. the export button dosent show anything and when i go to open brush set nothing shows up in the file, im probably doing something wrong.
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