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    2D & 3D Graphics, Nature & Branches, Photographing & Recording Videos. I am doing most multi-media & I love it!

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About Me

Well, I am spending time on my skills, by creating tracks to a 10 year old game called Re-Volt. There is a great community, which I currently help as much as I can with developing tools that can take the old game to new heights. That for example means that we today can use 512 resolution textures instead of 256.

When working on a track, I am mostly spending time on finding a good method on making textures seamless, both textures from photos as well as handmade. As Re-Volt is a R/C racing game in 3D, I am also using time working in Gmax and at last I run a Re-Volt related website, called urnemanden.com, which I've created using Notepad.

Behind all the modeling and code, Paint.NET is the graphical editor I use, to create logos, textures and designing GUI's for the tools at Our Re-Volt Pub. I am a bit of a freeware guy, but I know when I got a good tool in my hands - and Paint.NET is certainly one of them!

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