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  1. There Should be a Section like i guess a mini thread dedicated specificly for galleries?
  2. nvm < lol most random smiley ever....
  3. First signature that i used textures without a tut. (only read one tut soooo...)
  4. well all i know of is to use the paint bucket tool. (very hard) put the little thingy on the lines and click until you get it right. if theres a better way don't hesitate to forget everything i've just said.
  5. remember that link you gave me to use PS brushes? well i'm using the program to convert them. That abrViewer.NET thing
  6. i think that there was a problem when i downloaded the program.
  7. hmmm i've never had this problem.... maybe if you selected teh area you want to flare color it red flare it then recolor it the color you want.?
  8. no. i open the file thingy to make the PS brushes PDN brushes but once i get the brush thing onto the program it says it has encounterd a problem and needs to close. Then it closes.
  9. when i try to open the brush pack it always says the program needs to close because it encounterd a problem.
  10. i agree and it might be easier also to take away the little cross thing that gets in my way a WHOLE LOT.
  11. no no no i just don't know how to download brushes. so i would like it to be an effect rather than a brush.
  12. probably but i need to know also how to just get teh brushes onto PDN along with that brush.....
  13. i can't download anything onto my computer or it'll will freeze and possible crash.... ( yeah i know peice of bloody potato but.....)
  14. when i do this my splatter doesn't work.... it's invisible....
  15. well i even tried downloading the .zip files and there still not in my "draw with costom brush" thing.....
  16. if possible can it be these exept a .zip file for PDN? http://violet-electric.deviantart.com/a ... p-41054243 idk how to turn photochop brushes into PDN brushes without downloading a hundred things..... thanks!
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