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  1. Scanned with BitDefender, found nothing Default save folder is "My Pictures" the only thing you can see in the save dialog is a bunch of folders, there didn't display any files in the box because default save is .png second image is changing file type to .jpeg crashed both for saving .png and .jpeg and for trying to save on desktop.
  2. It happens wherever I try to save. I just tried making a new folder with nothing in it to save in and it still crashed. After clicking "save as" my computer switches to the last window I had open (So if I were in firefox before paint.net, it would switch to firefox, or if I were chatting before I was trying to save, it would switch to the chat window) and paint.net becomes irresponsive and any time I try to click anywhere in paint.net it beeps with the "you can't click here" beep.
  3. The previous build and the most recent build both froze when I tried to "save as" an edited image. However, if I simply "save"d over the image I was editing, it worked fine. When crashing, it would crash before prompting for quality (saving as a jpeg)
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