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  1. Nice stuff man! I'm diggin your random art pieces. You might try fooling around with the blurring effects with your signatures, I think that'd really improve their look.
  2. I suggest the same, should be pretty easy with the magic wand... That thing works wonders, I swear...
  3. Wow, I really like that wallpaper you made for David Villa.. and the sig you made for Diego, very nice!
  4. Heya all, I'm rather new to using paint.NET (and image editing altogether), but I've loved it since I've picked it up. I thought I'd make a thread to show off my work and get some advice from those more knowledgable than myself. I figure that I'll update this every once and awhile, maybe post new pictures when I'm done with em. So, without further ado, let the amateur showcase begin! A signature I made for a forum. Random fun I had with my face. Another sig I made. Avatar I made for yet another forum.
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