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  1. Nice one, clean, simplistic and effective 8.5/10. TPBM: The effects on the persons arms ARE his arms :wink:
  2. Nice flow near the render, but it falls apart later sig and makes it look boring. Nice try though .
  3. 8/10 good effect and simplistic, a DarkShock signature . TPBM: Rate: and and and current plz . Thank you.
  4. Too much noise for me but nice job and welcome to the forums! 5/10 TPBM: Rate: and: and current plz .
  5. Great sig but it just looks as if you transperent radial gradiented the render, it's too obvious. Too much noise for me but nice job for a begginer (welcome to the forums )! 5/10 TPBM: Rate: and: and current plz .
  6. 7/10 nice effort. Needs more Psazz. TPBM: Please rate: and Thank you.
  7. 9/10 Too many fractals can be a good thing. :wink: NEW 50CENT SIG! (Making Uber Chuck Norris Sig soon )
  8. 6/10 Not much effects but it's metal gear solid for crying out loud. TPBM: Rate: And
  9. 1. The Best I've seen from you so far, I love it, it is perfect 10/10 . 2. 7/10 Don't like sepa much . 3. 8/10 The bottom curvy lines are destroying the sig and look miplaced.
  10. One that I made up, A comet didn't destroy the dinosaurs, Chuck Norris Roundhouse kicked the comet into specs for trying to kill his pets, eventually a T-rex decided to have a burping match with Chuck Norris, and his atomic burp that was more powerful then the big bang, killed all the dinosaurs and started the Ice-age. Anoher one i made up, Snow is just water that got scared by Chuck Norris and froze while falling.
  11. ...is a cow earned One of these days Alice, One of these days...
  12. You didn't even make your sig lol that's why i gave it a lower score. But there is too much contrast and it hurts your eyes on LCD with high brightness (mine). Sorry though. 2.5/10
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