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  1. "dodges" "looks around for the mass rush to the Image modification page* hehe
  2. I will take that into consideration and try to see what I can come up with, thanks. ^_^
  3. I guess Image Manipulation and Modification isn't much of a popular thread. O.O
  4. Constructive Criticism... ... ... Accepted. Please Take Receipt.
  5. Well, I have been using PDN for a few days now, so I figured I would try to become an active member and show off some of my work to get some lovely constructive criticism that I probably need. I have done a few tutorials in the past few days and this Manipulation of me took the longest ( because I just couldn't get it right....still haven't) so I figured I would see what you guys have to say. Well, I was trying to "deadify" myself. Thanks and enjoy! ~Nek
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