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  1. Heres what I came up with... If you don't know what Woodsball or Speedball is google it.
  2. I like the second wallpaper the best. Simple but still looks good.
  3. Ok i know what your talking about now. Ill try it. dimre01, if i get around to it ill try that plugin.
  4. Sadly im new at PdN and have know idea what "slightly less aliased" means. Could you explain?
  5. Hello? anyone out there? Anyway, Update Added a few pictures. Also give me some feedback if you get a chance.
  6. It should be $199.99 Im a bit of a noob at PdN but i think it looks good. There is a tut (cant remember who made it) on making "glass buttons" like the one you have if you would want to make your own. EDIT: Found that tut. Although it is stickied so you've probably scene it.
  7. Well heres my work. Its all rather simple but I've only had Pdn for 3 days so what can you expect. :wink: Feedback is welcome.
  8. New Stuff Show Case (It's a local band) Avatars and sigs Mini sigs Let me know what you guys think. Also does anyone know how to make an image smaller but when clicked on show its self in full size?
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