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  1. I got a problem. I chose the 'Do not loop' action, and it works fine: http://www.filehive.com/files/080928/1gif7.gif However, it seems, if you refresh the page or anything, then the final frame just appears, and it doesn't go through the full frames.
  2. I'm using v3.35 and still getting an error with the latest. Please help :?
  3. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5842 I was trying to follow this. I opened a random image file, got the weird codes from it. Then, I opened the text editor on PDN, pasted the characters, and PDN crashed...
  4. Thank's a lot Ash! I didn't even know that tool existed lol...so much to learn.
  5. I have a big stock of scanlines. I wanted to make it so that it goes from fully visible to completely transparent. I am not sure how to do this. If anyone can help, thanks. Blurs don't work well, as the scanlines are too thin.