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  1. I have downloaded the plugin, but cannot find it under effects or anywhere else???
  2. I checked the effects and then photo, vignette does not show up at all.
  3. Hi David, Thanks so much I think I downloaded both plugins, if I'm not mistaken you save them to the effects folder? I can see in Paint.net where the first plugin in is, but I can't see where the "vignette" plugin in is. I think I will go that route, the blurred oval. Can you tell me where to find it? Thanks
  4. First off, hello to everyone. You people sure know your stuff. I am at my wit's end. I am trying to blurr the edges of a photograph and I am using Paint.net to try to do this. I am definiately not knowledgeable on the computor. I am making my daughter's wedding invitation and I am trying to come up with a picture of them that is suitable. I would like to make the picture into a black and white which I have done already, but blurring the edges is quite a different thing. I have really been trying to find out how to do this, but I'm really having trouble. I have been to forum after forum, tutori
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