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  1. 1. What's my mood like right now? Perfect Insanity (Disturbed) cool 2. How's tomorrow going to be? Medusa & Hemlock (Cradle of Filth) I'm not sure what this would mean... Beauty and poison? oh god 3. What kind of person am I? Overrated (Three Days Grace) True in some ways, a bunch of people think I'm really smart, compared to others my age, I'm not. 4. Am I loved? Unholy Confessions (Avenged Sevenfold) Okay... no one ever liked me and i'm 13 so.... 5. How can I achieve my highest potential? End of the Line (Metallica) Umm... I'm doin my best or something? 6. I
  2. a little fire and that oven and it's gas is gone in a flurry
  3. Im looking for a metal band logo. One idea i have is having a bloody heart with a sword threw it. Post your ideas for its please. Thanks
  4. ^ made a tutorial i didn't watch < didn't watch tutorial because he didn't know where to find it and doesn't know where to find the pointing down sign so will replace it with the | sign | loves metallica's new cd
  5. anyone here vista sp2? because when i tried i had a kernel error (i restored and turned off updates)
  6. metallica- unforgiven 3, next up my apocalypse or God gave rock and roll to you 2
  7. Me, being a metal kind of guy, would pick the dean razorback, then get vinyls and (maybe, if i had the money or the skill) airbrush it. But, right now i have a epiphone les paul and I'm fine with it, except you HAVE to get new strings, the strings you get with the les paul are pretty horrible. Oh yah, and if you play as much as me (1 hour or more a day), you'll be changin strings a LOT
  8. Rants: I just got my new wires for my braces, my brother is playing a cnet car video really loud, I have to do a project which I have 3 more pages to do on the day before it's due, and STILL can't listen to any metal music loud enough to satisfy me (no I can't use headphones because my bro and my dad says i'll mess up my ears)!! :evil:
  9. ROCK ALL THE WAY! ... sorry had to say that but AND ACID AND METAL AND BLUES sorry again but.. ROCK ALL THE WAY!
  10. umm... if you want something disgusting look at the totally wrong (sexually) then look at the lyrics for T.I.'s whatever you like, cd version.. can't be played on radio.... disgusting...!!! if you can figure this out this is the lyrics that are wrong.... ... ya really wrong
  11. @Kemaru: I really like that pic, how'd you get it to be that way? I'm kinda guessing the new/old car tut... But anyway I especially love the eyes. @summer: It's great! I mean I like the old Edward pic better (the hair>.<). Maybe a black to a red or a light gray/silver gradient would look better because of the vampire in there
  12. thanks summer! I think you should take the layer for the vampire and put some glow, keep the default settings except with contrast which you should play around with in the positive number range, then take the layer for regular Edward and do glow with negative contrast (maybe). This will give a "posterish" effect
  13. another mod of a picture after: before: sorry for big sizes
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