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  1. ok so ive downloaded plugins and extracted them but where do i install them can i just copy and paste them into the effects bit when i open paint.net or is there another way to do it
  2. thanks for that oma i hadnt noticed
  3. thanks guys all taken on board
  4. is there a way to make a blinkie with paint.net
  5. thanks for that hunni can you tell me how to do that im new to the prgram
  6. the kit is a siggy kit i got from a friend but had to put the whole thing together using pdn using layers
  7. ok my first one is a bit girly but wanted to show it off
  8. hiya to add new fonts you need to extract the files then paste them into the fonts folder in your control panel on the pc
  9. ok ive tried searching for something about this and cant find anything i have downloaded a kit that comes with frames to add to my pictures but im unsure as to how to do this i tried opening it in a new layer but all it does it make my first layer smaller can anyone tell me what im doing wrong here
  10. yeah sorry only just seen it thanks anyways xx
  11. ok so when using paint.net can you turn a pic black and white but colur certain areas i.e eyes to make them stand out
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