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  1. I keep getting an error when trying to save. The preview file size window reads error when attempting to render file size
  2. My First shot at a signature and it's definitely harder than i thought. :shock: Anyway just wanted to say thanks to every single person who helped to make Paint.Net what it is today and what it will be. To all the Programmers,Developers,Testers and Plug-in Creators. Thank you for sharing your valuable time and skills with us all. I'm not sure if you here this enough but This FREE program is " truly priceless ". I know i probably shouldn't be posting this here but just had to say i appreciate you all
  3. This is my first animated gif converted from a animated cursor. Originally made for my girlfriend. I call it "Amofly" Created in Paint.Net and Benton Movie GIF The cursor was a total of = 52 frames This gif is = 67 frames had a bit of trouble keeping the transparency when saving each individual frame as a .gif file.They kept coming out bloated,rough and, pixelated if that makes any sense :? . Anyway if anyone has the time to share some tips or advice about this I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks and Enjoy.
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