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  1. ST.Jim - nice sig 7/10 i'd go for the red one as there i THINK there are more blue sigs than red... but you should get some more advice from the people after me..
  2. Sorry im only doing this again to see if you like my new one err to the one before me 9/10 - simplicity and style.
  3. To the sig above me - 8/10 i like the simplicity and the colours.. petewolfbane, sorry (: your sig would be rated at 8/10 once more, but i'm guessing lots of layers were used in that creation?
  4. okay guy's i've got a new sig, it's not great but its better than the old one (:
  5. I agree with yougoboom .. although i can hardly talk .. mine is rubbish (: - i'll work on it soon. and i disagree with you petey19, i like the persons above you.
  6. haha don't worry that happened to me the other day and i didn't know what to say! 07patty
  7. petewolfbane 8/10 i like all the textures and how the main subject stands out .. and yes to the person after me .. i know its rubbish!
  8. noooo . not in a rude way hahaa; your computer is so nice!!
  9. Thank you so much Ash! i've been trying to work that out for ages but i didn't think it would turn out to be that simple. If there is no tutorial on that i may create one as it is such an easy thing to do, but looks quite hard.. Thanks again.
  10. Processor: quad 9300@3.3GHZ Motherboard:eVGA 750i sli ftw Video/Graphics:2x8800gt's@730/1675/2000 effective How much hard drive space:2 36gig 10000rpm raptors in raid 0......1x western digital 320gigs How much RAM?2gigs corsair dominator/linked and synced @880mhz shut up!! :x
  11. Does anybody know how to put an image inside text? Like this. If anybody can tell me how or point me towards a tutorial that will be great! Thanks!
  12. yeah i agree with whoever said " the 4GB extra of ram is not going to make much difference". because to be honest in the future you might need those four gigabytes but for the next 3 years you won't need those.
  13. sorry i didn't see what 'harold' mentioned. it only has one x16 slot which may be a problem if you are looking for SLI, Quad SLI or Crossfire.
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