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  1. Ok guys I know custom brushes can be really cool to use and i have the pluggin but i'm really not sure what to do with the things. I've seen some really awesome pics using them but am confused with really how to get a really nice pic from them. I was hoping someone could help me with this, thnx. :? :oops:
  2. I can't remember how i specifically did #4 but it went something like this: I drew a bunch of lines used splinter, inverted the colors, the made a new layer and put a linear grad. top to bottom, lastly i just messed with the blending options until i got what you see.
  3. Wow your stuff is really really good. Keep it up!!!
  4. This is my first post and i'm just interested to see what everyone thinks of my work. #1: One of two weaves #2: The Second #3: These next two are made from the same thing just using different blend modes. #4: Cool looking design #5: Kind of looks like a rose but more awesome. #6: One of my favorites
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