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  1. Great picture! I like the crumbling part. Although, when a star is dies, doesn't it shrinks into nothing or it creates a black hole depending on the size?
  2. LFC4EVER, I like the surroundings of the stock image and the text effect but the border is somewhat, weird but it's still great! 9.5/10
  3. You can smoothen the inner yellow using the Smudge plug-in at a size 8 softbrush with 3% strength
  4. Due to things being unclear at Step 7, make sure the Black and White layer is on top and is selected for the layer options. EDIT: Oopsies, the layer filter is supposed to be Multiply.
  5. Some of the people in TagFlow aren't friendly to PDN. :shock:
  6. Thanks for the comment :shock: EDIT: I seem to have a rip-off artwork. *Looks at the floating island*
  7. Great images! I like how you blend the stocks to match with the background color.
  8. @007 Nab Great signature overall but the brightness beside the "Serious" word is kinda too high. 9/10
  9. Simulate the effects of a Lomo camera. Photos taken with a Lomo camera have high contrast, twisted colors and a noticeable vignette. EDIT: Changed picture for Step 7, added picture to step 3 Step 1: Get a photo with a breath-taking scene or still-life. For this tutorial, we will use this photo of a feline preparing to pounce at it's prey. Step 2: Now go to Effects > Photo > Vignette. Follow these steps on the layer: -Vignette [0.73;1.00] Step 3: Duplicate the layer. Step 4: Select the first layer and apply the Black and White adjustment by pressi
  10. Don't you think 65% of the DA Community is kinda whack? The rest of them really appreciate all forms of art but the 65%.. meh. To demonstrate the 65% of the community... This is just my opinion, btw.
  11. I really like the Sig-Avy set and how you use purple to blend in with the picture! Great work!
  12. With a bit of patience, a few effects, and super micro 8 size brush smudge-smoothing, it can turn a rough picture into a smooth and light-toneish picture. EDIT: I used a soft brush XD EDIT 2: It's gonna have to be a 8 to 11 sized soft brush with the strength of 1% to 6% to give it a nice edge smoothening BEFORE: AFTER:
  13. PyroChild Scenes: I am known as the smudge man for shouting "I'M SMUDGING! I'M SMUDGING!" at 2 am.
  14. Like how the colors match so well but it's kinda too bright. 8/10 Update on sig. X3
  15. http://img364.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... hotbs2.jpg Don't ask.
  16. Welcome to the gallery of Code_Ember! The gallery has sparked, it's flames, burning brightly. ---------------------- Photo Manipulation Full Size Full Size ---------------------- My first PDN artwork. Since it was kinda... bad, I upgraded it. Mah second signature. 3rd signature Was supposed to use these 2 back-to-back as a signature *coughcoughsugestioncough* ---------------------- My somewhat artistic avatar.. meh probably just me. :evil: My second avatar based on my Everglow signature ---------------------- My style is weird. Ever updat
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