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  1. Welcome to the PDN Forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

    I really like your Alien signature. It has this certain ring that makes me like it so much. What you can do is to add a border and maybe also add a light source.

    You might want to check this tutorial to further expand your PDN signature making skills!

    The Lost Wall art is marvelous too but I somehow view it as a motivational poster but I still really like it. :lol:

  2. Theory 1:

    They probably took real models to pose for it then Photoshop/GIMP/PDN etc. did it's rest to turn it black and white etc. etc.

    Theory 2:

    The pictures were already black and white and they had to illustrate the mohawks.

    I believe you won't be needing any plug-ins to do this. I'm gonna start experimenting to see if I can do this trick from scratch.

  3. With a bit of patience, a few effects, and super micro 8 size brush smudge-smoothing, it can turn a rough picture into a smooth and light-toneish picture. EDIT: I used a soft brush XD

    EDIT 2: It's gonna have to be a 8 to 11 sized soft brush with the strength of 1% to 6% to give it a nice edge smoothening

    On those kind of images you can select around the edges using the :LassoTool: and once you select around the edges you can use a gaussian blur set two and it gives the same effect...

    That is also good but the smudge 'n smooth trick will actually give somewhat harder and smooth edges and also saves a ton of time.

  4. If you read my latest topic, I am gonna write a tutorial. A big tutorial on not a method but something more useful.

    If you want to know whats it about, check my latest topic at


    Instead of a short simple tutorial-in-a-topic format, I am gonna write a 13 page word document (estimated page, may change) discussing each and every detail of the 3 topics that will be found in the book.

    At one point, I am gonna ask someone to read my work, fill up the nooks and crannies here and there. If you want to ask questions, contribute your work, PLEASE DO SO as I want to help the whole PDN community out there.



  5. You're ALL wrong. :P

    *rubs hands together*

    Prepare to get schooled.

    When small to medium sized stars, such as our sun, run out of fuel, they near the end of their life. Then, the star rapidly cools and expands, turning into a Red Giant. After its fuel source is completely depleted, it gradually collapses on itself, turning into a white dwarf.

    Large stars, on the other hand, prefer to go out with a bang. At the end of their life, they implode, and create a HUGE explosion, or a supernova. After the supernova, all that is left is an incredibly small point of EXTREME density, heat, and pressure. This small point, can either be a black hole, or a neutron star. If it is a revolving neutron star, it is called a pulsar.


    Nice pic, by the way. Your own sun technique isn't very visible, although that might just be me. Keep up the good work! :)

    *gets blown away*

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