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  1. Now that we have ze definition, let's start on a theme ey?
  2. http://spectrum.ieee.org/print/6593 An article linked by my friend about someone of the US Department of Justice smuggling financial data into a LOLCat image and the thing is, it's steganography.
  3. Think we should do a Marvel-themed Hurt and Heal game?
  4. Debate debate debate! Honestly, I don't really like this book as it's filled with cheesy stuff in my opinion. Breaking Dawn.... wasn't really needed. What are your views towards this book series?
  5. Effect rendering is really noticeably faster now. Thanks Brewster!
  6. Welcome to the PDN Forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here. I really like your Alien signature. It has this certain ring that makes me like it so much. What you can do is to add a border and maybe also add a light source. You might want to check this tutorial to further expand your PDN signature making skills! The Lost Wall art is marvelous too but I somehow view it as a motivational poster but I still really like it.
  7. I insanely love your signatures. I like how you use the texture to the finest.
  8. *Waits anxiously for a tut on how to makes those blob sprites*
  9. A very simple sig... and really like it! Although, the Glow is a bit too bright.
  10. Really like your signature 007 Nab, but I think the diagonal lines are somewhat distorting the text or maybe it's just my eyes.
  11. Theory 1: They probably took real models to pose for it then Photoshop/GIMP/PDN etc. did it's rest to turn it black and white etc. etc. Theory 2: The pictures were already black and white and they had to illustrate the mohawks. I believe you won't be needing any plug-ins to do this. I'm gonna start experimenting to see if I can do this trick from scratch.
  12. On those kind of images you can select around the edges using the :LassoTool: and once you select around the edges you can use a gaussian blur set two and it gives the same effect... That is also good but the smudge 'n smooth trick will actually give somewhat harder and smooth edges and also saves a ton of time.
  13. Hate my damn class for not even greeting my happy b-day. :evil: Anyways, it's my b-day! *dances like it's 1964*
  14. If you read my latest topic, I am gonna write a tutorial. A big tutorial on not a method but something more useful. If you want to know whats it about, check my latest topic at http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=26108 Instead of a short simple tutorial-in-a-topic format, I am gonna write a 13 page word document (estimated page, may change) discussing each and every detail of the 3 topics that will be found in the book. At one point, I am gonna ask someone to read my work, fill up the nooks and crannies here and there. If you want to ask questions, contribute your work,
  15. On how to set up inspirations, extract ideas from everyday things you'd see in life and the view of your work from the viewer's perspective. I'd like to know if this is allowed or at least not get victimized by the ultimate lock of doom?
  16. If possible, we could add a proper Pen tool, you know.. the advanced complicated looking one we see in Photoshop? Although this should not replace the line tool at all or maybe at least the ability to add more "nubs" to the line for more precise adjusting?
  17. I collect metal chocolate molds as because most metal chocolate molds are recycled nowadays as because plastic molds are cheaper and more convenient.
  18. Great work too~ and also did you use brushes for the third one like what the quote said?
  19. Well, yeah I always wanted to do something with the text but maybe it's my style. In most handwritten fonts I use with signatures, I just leave it with a glow since well.. it somewhat distorts the beauty and simplicity of handwritten text. Anyways, 10/10. Eye-candy is blowing me away.
  20. Woot! I always thought you made the design using a pen tool. Gonna try it out later. :wink:
  21. Mental block XD *slams face into pencil*
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