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  1. You're gonna have to make a direct attachment of the PDN file like RapidShare or MediaFire etc.
  2. That's a great tattoo design although you have to make sure he'll be happy with that tattoo for the rest of his life.
  3. Put some more flow to it. See that two hands going down? That's your flow. Use Alpha Mask next time sharpen your render. Oh and I think that render works well with C4D flow.
  4. Don't worry, I'll come back from time to time. People have no fear. The end of the world isn't near. I will come back and they will cheer. Tomato.
  5. Move your head closer to your monitor and stare at the white dot in the middle of the circle for 20 to 30 seconds. Once 20 to 30 seconds have passed, with your sight fixed to the white dot, slowly move away from the monitor. You will witness a light source coming from the other side of the circle or an eclipse. EDIT: This is now an optical illusion thread.
  6. Buying an iPod Nano 3rd Gen will last you for a long time. But yes, it's overpriced.
  7. Alas, I now have the money to buy Photoshop and I won't be using PDN as much as before. I will be joining the TagFlow forums as Ember and will see you there! Although, I will do my best to help the people in these forums for the better. -Ember
  8. Oh, yes yes. Kemaru, I like your signature although you could have aligned the text with the flow of the signature. 9/10
  9. @Darkshock91's Zelda Signature - It's pretty good although the background color scheme doesn't really match. Anyways, Zelda will always be my favorite games. 8/10 @007 Nab - Haven't I rated that sig before?
  10. @Crimson - I really like your sig. A classic and legendary signature maker for me. :wink: @TopHATslash - Didn't you say the MassEffect (Asari *winkwink*) signature was made with Photoshop and you did some major filtering and coloring in PDN?
  11. @hearts_dreams, well.. pretty good. The text needs some better blending and the background is pretty good but the color you choseneeded some more lighting. 7/10 poast^
  12. You have really neat work! Can I ask how you made the background? And I'm guessing by your work that you play WoW. I play it too!
  13. The image might be wrong because of the last step. I edited it so maybe it will work now.
  14. Reported for the Art Gallery.
  15. Heh, it's pretty cool. And, to Ash's post. Your sarcasm is blowing me away.
  16. Well... erhm, I'm sure you can as long as you credit it to Rick Brewster and all the fellow people who made the Plug-ins.
  17. I'll try and make ya one. Free of charge. Give me a sample and what text you want in it.
  18. You're off at a good start. And, I really like your works! There's this ring in my head that makes me like it.
  19. Your resource for renders ...link You gotta register though but it's really really worth it.
  20. Your resource for renders ...link You gotta register though but it's really really worth it.
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