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  1. Don't know what penspinning is?

    A friend of mine from another school told me about penspinning during the 4th grade and tried to teach me how but failed miserably and gave up for a year. Now that we're in the same class again (We're supposed to stay in one class for the whole day 'cept breaks since the teachers go to our classrooms), I'm trying to learn how to penspin.

    During one of our subjects, our English teacher was amazed that my friend could do penspinning quite fast and gave up 10 minutes of her class just to learn how to penspin. We ended up having no quiz so it was rescheduled to next week. :D


    Now, what is your view of penspinning? Is it waste of time if you spend your whole day penspinning when you could be going outside or you don't mind as it's a good hobby and it won't really hurt your social life?

  2. 1. You refresh the forums every minute in case someone has made a new post

    2. You buy Ps Cs3 just to put it into a shredder (To humiliate paid-for software)

    3. You make multiple forum usernames so you can have a conversation with yourself

    4. You uninstall PDN/reinstall it just to see the nice mountain logo

    5. You uninstall every other program except PDN

    6. You create a PDN OS that can (Guess what?) only run PDN

    Scary. Very scary.

  3. I'm sure everyone can relate to this. In my school, we don't use pens until 5th grade because the school underestimates our ability of cleanliness for some reason. The good thing I liked about pens is that I can buy 4 of them for very few and it will last for more than five months unlike pencils where I can burn 8 in two months. (Don't ask why. :) )

    Now, do you think use of pencils (or pens) in school are worth it or not? Personally, I'd just rather stick with pencils especially mechanical pencils due to the fact that I can doodle a lot. (Practicing drawing hands during Math class -evil laugh-)

  4. ^Now are you saying that digital art to natural drawing is the same thing as video games to sports/etc. That is completely wrong. The world is getting more digital as we speak. How are we to advance if everyone were to quit tinkering in photoshop or paint.net?

    About the MMO's. I have had a lot of experience at just honestly being addicted. I use to be one of the hard corest RuneScape player ever. I had a lvl 126; 99 in almost everything. Filthy 'rich' in the game. But everyday I felt less satisfied about what I did the day before, play RuneScape. I'm not saying that video games are pointless, I'm not taking a stab at anyone. But I got pulled into them.

    Now if you are an avid MMO player who plays the big games like WOW or RS, how about instead of weaning yourself off because updates will come and you will just completely get 're-addicted', try a new game. I recommend if you want to still play a MMO but one that's not as addicting, try Star Wars: Galaxies. Or Pirates of The Caribbean: Online. SWG is an amazing game for any true SW fan. But PotC is more for the youngsters, but I got a kick out of it the first day.

    I do have to make one last statement. All my opinion, but. Runescape > WoW.


    Naw, I think you got it wrong.

    My amount of use with PDN was ridiculous to a point where I was sitting in my computer the whole day tinkering with PDN so I HAD to stop for a while and learn how to draw because from the start, I only edited my drawings with Paint.NET until it came to a point where everything was PDN! Yes, it was fun but I wanted to take up illustration in college since that is my goal in life.

  5. uH please learn to play a real guitar. lol jk I agree with uH but sometimes it can be fun to play those games. unless you play them 24/7, you should learn to balance real life and games. maybe like 1-3 hours playing games and the rest real life. XD

    *cough* Yeah like trying to stay away from PDN once in a while and draw.

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