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  1. wow! i really liked that 8ball
  2. that's some neat looking sig, there. simple and nice. 10/10
  3. lol. its my birthday today too gratz pyro
  4. Laptop or Desktop: desktop OS: Windows XP Home SP3 Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2.0 GHz Motherboard: MSI K9VGM-A Video/Graphics: ATI Radeon powercolor 1650X 256Mb How much HD space? 250 and 750Gb SATA 7200rpm How much RAM? 2048MB DDR2 RAM
  5. i dont like the size of the sig, also the positioning of the text. 7.5/10
  6. i was gonna make u one, but then i figuered out i didnt know how to make one. can somone fix my car?
  7. nice effect but too mutch white space imo. im sure its supposed to be that way.. 8.5/10
  8. this is my desktop. it's xp but i use vista skin + thoosje sidebar
  9. nice render with a good style. 7/10 (lol thanks pipp )
  10. wery crisp with a good stock. 9/10 (BTW iron man owns)
  11. [55] Airplane [35] Submarine [80] Bicycle [65] Motorcycle/ Moped/ Scooter [55] Space Shuttle [20] Train [55] Segway edit:just found out u can only heal 5 lol. fixed
  12. ^ is wrong < hates school (tho i get good grades:P) v dont like school either
  13. *agrees with sozo* love your current sig
  14. i use this plugin to make shadows as my drop shadow dont work
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