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  1. This is absolutely marvelous! I would like to thank you, and Rick! I think that Rick should maybe possibly think about including this in V4 :D. Or maybe even 3.5!! **Wishful thinking** And could you possibly think about releasing the source code for people like me who learn from examples. If you do, thank you SOO much in advance! :D

    Mucho Praise-o!

  2. Wel, I do not know what to tell you. Are you trying to pick up drumming?

    Nope. I just have had a friend's drumsticks for the past 4 and halfish weeks because he left his with a mutual friend of ours and the mutual friend wasn't going to see him for a very long time so he gave them to me to give back to him...long story...but anyway, I've been playing with them. Now I just want to get rid of them, so I'm giving them back to him tomorrow.

    That's a funny story. But to be frank, drumming to me isn't that interesting. You can make varried sounds with different instruments (guitars, pianos, and trumpets for instance) compared to only different pitches with drums.

  3. Alright, I have tryed it, and I personally love this tutorial. Simple, but with a nice effect. I can't say that love the company, Apple, however. (Actually: :evil: HATE :evil: it) But i played with this long and hard and I... well, I don't mean to brag so I want you to tell me how it looks. I teh thinx it lookz nicez.


    Just kidding, that is one of the official ads. This one is mine. It is sort of comical because it is the MC listening to an iPod. Hence, iBetrayal. If you want the PdN just let me know. :)

    Please click to see the enbiggened version. It looks a lot nicer.


  4. Alright guys! Hey, this is Project Spartan, I have switched over to this new account.

    Okay, got that out there. So... I have a snake. He's a python and he is orange white and red. I feel bad when I have to feed him baby mice though. He's got to be at least 2 - 2½ feet long. :twisted:

    I also have a very lazy, 20 pound cat. And a yellow lab and a snapping turtle. OH, and a black moor, too. He is huge though, and I think something's wrong with his swim bladder because he never really swims around, he just sinks to the bottom and waits for food and then swims to the top. And for some reason, he grew out of his black scales and the orange scales the were just on his stomach now cover his entire body. Be back in a bit.

    EDIT: ^^ WorldNewser, did you hear the earth quake news bit from AOTS, because I was just watching it and they some some stuff about it and Twitter. Just wondering.

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