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  1. @vize Well, it's only really just a C4D just slapped on a solid color..
  2. @Weylin Your signature is rather bland. It's kind of generic and some portions detract from others. While I liked what you were trying to do, it didn't work out that well. But since I notice you stated you've not been using PDN very long, I proudly give you an 8 / 10.
  3. I found that quite amusing, actually. The thing is, all these kids at my school continually say "knit" or "nit" instead of not. For example, my band director said, "Who plans on helping at the xxxx event next Friday?" A random kid raised his hand and said, "I will." While the teacher was writing down his name, he shouts nit. And for some reason everyone at our school finds this act quite hilarious. The band room erupted in laughter, of course.
  4. Just because I have a low post count does not mean I or he has not lurked through the forums for years (as I have). And he isn't saying he is going to leave the forums because he hates the new layout or domain.. he is simply making a statement and he is perfectly entitled to having an opinion.
  5. Wow... I got out of school, like, a month ago... :shock:
  6. Wow... I got out of school, like, a month ago... :shock:
  7. Hey CMD, I have always wondered what your signature is about. Is it a game of some sort?
  8. Fantastic! Thanks a lot for this! Incredible!!
  9. Good point. But he may be a creeper. One of those people who like to browse the forums rather than post. Like me.
  10. Two things: 1) You might wanna lower your total image size in your signature from whatever the ungodly amount it is now to 500 by 150 at maximum. 2) You move the .PNG files to your Paint.NET User Files folder. On XP, it is located at: C:\Documents and Settings\Documents\Paint.NET User Files. On Vista, it is here: C:\Users\Adam\Documents\Paint.NET User Files.
  11. Not to stir up argument again, but I believe the issue was that a lot of programs used the last two digits of the year like most people do today. For example, today would be 3/31/09. So, when the year 2000 was upon us, many believed that because they would use the date 1/1/00, the computers would malfunction because it was the "year" 0. That is just what I have heard. But any who, let's change topics.
  12. Ha! I liked the riddle! Here is a paradox-laden song for you: One fine day in the middle of the night, Two dead boys got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other, Drew their swords and shot one another. One was blind and the other couldn't see; So they chose a dummy for a referee. A blind man went to see fair play, A dumb man went to shout "hooray!" A paralyzed donkey passing by, Kicked the blind man in the eye, Knocked him through a nine inch wall, Into a dry ditch and drowned them all! A deaf policeman heard the noise, And came to arrest the two dead boys. If you don't believe this story’s true, Ask the blind man he saw it too!
  13. Nice photo. I am assuming the trees or forest (the black to the right) were trees from the photo that you smudged? Very nice sig, though. I love the simplistic nature and minimalist style of it. And I LOVE Terragen. The only thing is, I can barely use it! And I don't have the highest rendering speeds, making it impractical to use at most times.
  14. I guess that would make sense... (duh! *slaps forehead*) P.S. Simon, is your signature (and avatar) all PDN-made? Or is it an edited stock?
  15. I agree. But if you were to use a percentage system for the opacity of layers, you would not have as diverse a selection of settings; as 1% - 100% is only 100 options, and 1 - 255 is 255 options.
  16. cough*Google Video*cough From what I remember, Google Video is being shut down soon. Aww, that's terrible! Why so? (if you know)
  17. Good choice. My best friend has one of those new Nikon Coolpixs. It is awesome! And you can draw and write on it with the stylus!
  18. Everyone should go to G4TV.com/Pie to sign Olivia Munn's petition to make the last week of January the National Pie Week! I am in no way responsible for anything on that site. G4 is a television show, by the way.
  19. I plan on downloading the beta when I next go to my madra's house. She has broad-band and a brand new computer. I have dial-up and a crappy old computer. However, shortly after taking my screen shot, I downloaded and installed a Win7 theme. I like it, but I hope the Win7 Inspirats get better once the OS is officially released.
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