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  1. That is really great. I should try that out sometime.
  2. Hi,I'm, new at this and just starting using paint.net,downloaded a lot of plugins and got started. I want to share some of my signatures and get some constructive criticism and tips. Enjoy my pictures. Some of my best work,I think. It's really abstract. FLCL,FTW! I made this fairly quickly. Kyuubi Best thing I've ever made. My first sig. Skulls... Moar FLCL My strange obsession with FLCL... Graffiti Time! I'm a graf artist,hence this picture. Please leave constructive criticism and helpful tips.
  3. I collect human souls. :twisted: @Boltbait-You adopted 2 kids? That's really sweet! How old are they?
  4. I made a new Sasuke one. Please someone help me with cutting and pasting a photo to make a sig and a fooly-cooly sig
  5. Storm Troopers do love it... 9/10. Funny as hell. Needs more things,it's kinda empty.
  6. 8/10. I'm a soccer fan and like it but,his heads isn't smooth enough. Please don't get off-topic,talk about avatars only.
  7. 9/10. Its really nice and crisp,and has paint.net logo which I love. But kinda plain.
  8. You can make rasangan if you try real hard and make it blue.
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