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  1. Yes, it would. It seems to be a good plugin, though, so I will download it and then go to bed. I'll find a good use for the plugin, thanks. Night all!
  2. I find it amazing that there are more pages in the Rant thread than the Sanctuary. Rant: Physics exam tommorow.
  3. (Nobody's posting, so....) Just you wait.... my horse will fly one day! Well, I guess we should.....
  4. I like it, simple enough to follow and great outcome. I'll post mine soon...
  5. ^ I really like it good colour depth and good clouds in the background. 8/10
  6. So... you base your entire argument on a pun? Right, then... Yeah, I get what you mean on that......... Jeez
  7. Really? Hidden Content: because I'd really like to see Mickey again, or is his character getting worn out a bit? PS Do you like my PotD sig and avatar?
  8. Sorry if this is necroposting! Considering Planet Of The Dead was on on Saturday I thought it made sense to restart this thread. I thought it was great, weird monster though. What did you all think?
  9. Hi, and welcome to the PdN forums! What I can say is, I really like all of your stuff! Especially the portal one, really good imaginative design. Keep up the good work and again, welcome!
  10. As a addicted Twitterer (?) I feel that you are wrong. I don't mean to start an argument but I'm just voicing my opinion.
  11. *Shwoosh..* *cracks neck* Green eggs or green ham?
  12. .... your nose will grow ten feet and your breath will smell like alarm clocks. Come on, we're going to.......
  13. Nice signatures, especially the 2nd one, great work! I hope to see you around.
  14. May I wish you luck in all your endeavours and hope that you do well in everything! Awesome signature, SQUID POWER!
  15. It's not because you have a million dollars I hate you, it's because I don't have a million dollars. All's ____ that ends ______
  16. I have seen on some people's signatures, that if you click on the picture, it takes you to a certain link, e.g that person's gallery. How do I make a link through the picture in my signature like that? Thanks in advance, KidBoy140
  17. Personally, I love all your stuff, especially your Happy 2009 signature. Keep up the good work!
  18. Great, I've printed it out for easy looking, thanks
  19. As David said above, I thought it just done that when you inserted the disc or do you have to do it manually? It just comes up with "Unable to read disc" "Check Wii Operations Manual for Troubleshooting" I checked, it should work and yes, it's the correct version, I'm in the UK and it says on the back will only work on PAL systems and it is. I'll get there somehow.
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