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  1. I'm not sure if I was the one who made it because I can't even remember what I did. I just followed the steps. But there's something wrong with that ellipse thing because when i draw the ellipse it covered the main text so i tried it in the other layers til it became good. But another prob is that I'm not good in coloring especially that ellipse thing which covers the whole pic. But glad this turned out good. I guess I'll be visiting this thread many times to learn this skill. Really nice. Hands down. :wink:
  2. Will you please put some pictures after every step? sorry but i didn't get it. i made the background layer with black and with white fonts, i blurred it. Then after making the second layer, the clouds, no matter what effect i made nothing changes in the picture. sorry for being novice.
  3. I've read that PDN doesnt support animated gifs so i would like to suggest because its really better when i use PDN even though im still a newbie in editing and designing pics. i love making signatures and avatars so if its okay please make the PDN usable for animated gif. more power.
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