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  1. Bronson I can't see your siggy. :shock: I'll rate pipp's instead, 8/10, the glare on the top right is too bright.
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    @ Ash, Thank You Sooo Much! And I Will Try @mesa, I got the cherry picture from a tutorial on this site. I'll post link after I find it. @LJXD Thanks. @ jeremytan, Thanks! I'll make a tut for the background+badge after I get a new siggy.
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    Pepsi is a coke wanna-be. No offense to pepsi lovers.
  4. My Gallery, I'll Be Updating As Soon As I'm Done a Picture. I'll be starting from oldest, to most recent. :wink: (Ash Nice Tutorial) (Madjik Too!) Oh And This Picture Makes Me LOL All The Time Feedback Please
  5. @ Crimson : http://bwebi.com/water-spirit-drawing-fire.html
  6. Thanks for all the nice comments ;D. As Hlnl Has Said, I Got The Tutorial From A Photoshop Site.
  7. Here is a picture that I made a while ago. Enjoy
  8. You Do Know Those Are Probably MapleStory Characters? :wink:
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